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Empower Network – Denver – Don’t Be A Wussy July 2013 – Empower Network Event

Jul 14 • Empower Network, General, Live Events • 13347 Views • Comments Off on Empower Network – Denver – Don’t Be A Wussy July 2013 – Empower Network Event

Will You Be At the Empower Network Event In Denver  July 19th – 21st?

I know where I will be July 19th – the 21st…..Do you ?

The Empower Network Event - Don't Be A Wussy

Don’t Be A Wussy 2013 – Denver, Colorado

If you are serious about the Empower Network or ….if you have been looking at the Empower Network and need help figuring out if  EN is the real deal…..You NEED to be in Denver this July !!

That Friday, Saturday and Sunday, over 6,000 Empower Network members will descend upon the city of Denver.  Both David Wood and David Sharpe are promising not to disappoint this exciting group of Internet Marketers.  In fact, if you call around downtown Denver, just about every Hotel that’s within walking distance to the Bellco Theater, the home of “Don’t Be A Wussy 2013”, is booked.

Home of the Empower Network Event:  Don't Be A Wussy, 2013

Bellco Theater – Denver Colorado – Home of the Empower Network Event:  Don’t Be A Wussy, 2013

I was at the first 3 Empower Network Events, and unfortunately I missed the last one in Chicago…..but from what I could tell from the pictures and videos in Chicago and from my own 3 experiences, each event gets bigger and more impressive than the last.

Trust me….if you are in the Empower Network, you don’t want to miss this event.

What to expect at the Empower Network Event – “Don’t Be A Wussy”?

David Sharpe was on last Monday’s Power Hour phone call and promised that there would be some secret announcement that is going to change how we all do business online.  That’s a bold claim, but somehow David Sharpe and David Wood are the only two guy I know that could make a claim like that and mean it. Just being there for this announcement will probably be worth the price of admission.

Other than the big announcement,  you can expect to hear from all of the leaders in the company.  Empower Network gurus, like Chris Record from Team Take Massive Action, Tony Rush from the Extreme Team, Lawrence Tam from Take Massive Actoin, Vick Strizheus from the Big Idea Mastermind, Justin and Dee Verrengia from the Prosperity Team and many other will take the stage and share their knowledge and inspiring stories with the crowd.

The Stage At The Bellco Theater

The Stage At The Bellco Theater

As always, you should expect there to be a big EN party around 10PM on Saturday night….but don’t stay out too late or drink too much as you’ll be right back at the convention center the very next AM at 10 AM.

Will I See You There?

If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you want to be there.  If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, login to you EN backoffice right now and go buy a ticket.

If you are not a member of the Empower Network….Then why are you not in….Stop thinking about it…Make an intelligent decision right now and just get in…JOIN RIGHT NOW!!

Then once you join….go buy your ticket ASAP….  Hotels are filling up fast, the event is almost sold out, and plane tickets aren’t getting any cheaper…..Get your ass to DENVER….you’ll be happy you did.

For Those Going to The Empower Network Event….

And if you are a reader of my blog, and you’re going….shoot me an email at and lets make plans to meet up at the event and introduce ourselves in person.

I’ll see you in Denver!!!


PS: Keep an eye out for my article about the Importance of Attending Empower Network Events.




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