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What is Facebook’s EdgeRank And How Can Knowing The EdgeRank Algorithm Help You Get More Exposure?

Jul 15 • Facebook, Social Media • 230351 Views • Comments Off on What is Facebook’s EdgeRank And How Can Knowing The EdgeRank Algorithm Help You Get More Exposure?

In addition to the over 1 billion users, Facebook recently announced that over 15 million businesses, companies, and organizations have a Facebook page as well.  Chances are that if you run a page for your company or organization your number one goal is to attract more attention to your business posts so that you can generate more sales or brand awareness.  By attracting more attention to posts you’ll most definitely increase the effective reach that social media has on your business and in turn fullfil you objectives for being on Facebook. The way that Facebook determines how much exposure to give you is through and algorithm called EdgeRank.

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is the formula that Facebook uses to determine what is shown in a user’s Facebook news feed.    Unlike search engines such as Google that closely guard their algorithms, the EdgeRank algorithm is publicly known.  Facebook wants you to know this formula, so that you can create engaging content that is relevant to it’s user.

Facebook's <strong>edgerank algorithm</strong>

The EdgeRank algorithm is based on the  summation of 3 different factors…..

Affinity….Weight…. and Time Decay

This algorithm allows Facebook to look at users historical activity and determine what posts should show up in that user’s newsfeed.  Over time, the EdgeRank algorithm learns each individual user’s tastes and the things they interact with and like  will show up in their news feeds more frequently than things they haven’t interacted with.

EdgeRank Algorithm Defined

#1 Affinity

The affinity score represents how “connected” a specific user is to the Edge.  This variable to the formula is calculated by looking at specific action a users takes.  It factors the strength of the action, how close the person who took action was to you, and how long ago the action was taken.  It can be simply stated as “A measure of the amount of previous interaction a user has had with another on Facebook” The more likes, comments, and clicks a user has with another user, the more exposure they will get in someone’s news feed. It also should be noted that affinity is only measured in one direction.  Just because John Smith’s posts are relevant to mine, doesn’t mean that my posts are relevant to John Smith.

#2 Weight

Every type of interaction on Facebook is given it’s own weight variable.  An example of this would be that comments are worth more than likes.  As a result you are more likely to see my comments on something in your news feed  rather than me just liking something. Because weight is a factor in helping your posts get noticed, you need to concentrate on making your posts engaging   The more you can get your users to interact with a post, the “heavier” it will become.  The combined factors of EdgeRank determines that posts with lots of interaction are more relevant than ones without  interaction. To become a master at creating weight in your posts, you must gain an understanding of your market and what gets them to engage with your content.

#3 Time Decay

Time Decay can be defined as “The inversely proportional relationship between the time an object has been public and it’s exposure in the News Feed”.   In laymen’s terms….as a post gets older, it looses points because it’s “old news”. Over time, exposure diminishes,  as time goes on the post becomes less and less relevant.  Your EdgeRank is not a score that’s calculated one time when you hit the post button, it’s a dynamic score that is constantly changing through the 3 mentioned factors.  As each factors starts to decrease, the less exposure you will receive on your connected users’ timeline. To fight this decaying score, you must get interaction from users to keep your post relevant.

How Can I Optimize My Posts To Take Advantage Of The EdgeRank Algorithm?

Knowing what can give your post the most exposure allows us to come up with posts that will be seen by as many potential customers as possible.   Some tips I suggest you use are:

  • Post at least 1x per day
  • Use Pictures and Hyperlinks in your posts as often as possible
  • Respond to each individual comment
  • Ask your users questions and take polls
  • Post consistently
  • Ask your readers to like and share your post

Facebook is in the business of showing users relevant and engaging content to keep them coming back again and again.  Make sure you are always creating content that falls in line with that mission. Much like the great search engines, I’m sure Facebook will be constantly tweaking their algorithm to try to provide their users with the best possible on site experience.   By always creating interactive, engaging, relevant content you’ll be sure to future proof your Social Media strategies.

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